The Anti-Social Forces Search (ASF)

The Anti-Social Forces Search (ASF) is a three tiered solution to the problem of screening out Anti-social Forces from an organization’s business transactions in Japan. The approach was originally developed as part of the enhanced due diligence requirements on high risk customer transaction accounts under the FATF 40 recommendations.

The search is conducted in three tiers:


A proprietary database of public and private information relating to individuals and companies involved in criminal activities, Japanese Organized Crime, Right Wing Groups, Sokaiya and Religious Sects. The database has been developed over the last five and the information is gathered from the following information sources:

Japanese Black Media: 28 weekly and monthly business investigative and rumour magazines from 1994 onwards. Updated weekly with articles relating to Anti-Social Forces (ASF) and other criminal activities.

Government Anti-Organized Crime Association: Monthly bulletin on reported approaches by organized crime individuals and front companies to businesses in Osaka and Tokyo.

Tokyo District Court: All criminal cases heard in the Tokyo District Court including cases relating to organized crime and serious crime cases. Includes 35,000 cases going back to 2004. Updated daily.

Leaked Information: Leaked online information relating to lists of OC members and OC front companies.

OC Sites: Sweep of OC support sites.

Daily ASF news sweep: Daily press sweep of stories focusing on OC connected activities.

For more information please contact to our website.

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